Did You Find the Hidden Messages?

Thank you so much for stopping by! I truly hope that you enjoy this book and share it since it has a little something for everyone. When you take a moment to learn about families that may be different than yours, you open yourself to gain a better understanding of what others may be going through. That’s one of the goals of “Why My Hero Had to Go.”

There are 5 illustrations that have deeper meaning than meets the eye. Look closely at each page and see if you can find them. Here’s a hint for one of them, follow the cuddly toy bear. You will also find that after reading through the book the first time you will see foreshadowing and analogies that you may have missed the first time as the main character Jared goes about his day. You will see hints of he dad who works on Apache helicopters and Osprey aircraft as Jared goes through his day showing that the spirit of his dad is with him despite being thousands of miles apart. The heart always wins!

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Talitha Vickers.